“Standing Mobility Solution” for


The exclusive design of the seat is the offset center pocket that provides lateral leg support. The seat has multiple height adjustments and can also be rotated to provide a comfortable reach from the pocket to the hand grips. A round upholstered bolster cushion fits in the pocket to create a level seat.

The unique design of the Solus allows  the  amputee  to  stand   and self-propel  with  the  uninjured leg, while the injured leg is cradled within an upholstered seat.

Beneath the pocket is an adjustable webbed sling to support the stump, and a removable socket receiver insert. The Solus has articulated steering for a tighter turning radius. Four wide 10” knobby pneumatic tires plus a follow-up “wheelie” ball caster provides a smooth and stable ride.

 The sliding hinge handle can fold forward for pulling or fold back for compact storage or travel. It has a removable basket tote bag, knobs for hanging items and a gimbaled rotating cup holder. The Solus is available with a choice of three different frame sizes. Three seat options: small for a child, adult medium, and a large. Four wheel options: 6” Vipor wheels or 125mm colored and LED wheels (as shown) for a child - 8" non pneumatic knobby tires - 10" pneumatic tires or a combination of the two.

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